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International Poitin Day

International Poitín Day was established at The Sun Tavern, London in 2015. It was intended to both honour the rebellious souls who kept the spirit alive during its illegal days and also promote it as a product that consumers will want to drink.

Since then each year a number of Poitin producers have worked together to host a series of events to celebrate Ireland's National Spirit.

Poitin is not only the original Irish Spirit, but it is also an incredible cocktail base and you will get the opportunity to see and taste it in the hands of top mixologists

In the weeks leading into International Poitín day in the east (Dublin), south (Cork), west (Galway) and north (Belfast) competitions will be held to find the best Poitín cocktail mixologists in each province. Participants will challenge each other using one/all of five Poitíns on offer (Bán, Glendalough, Mad March, Micil, Straw Boys) to find out who can make the best Poitín cocktail.

The winners of the best Poitín cocktail in Connacht, Ulster, Leinster and Munster will be joined by the London winner in Bar 1661 for the Ireland and UK Poitín cocktail competition on International Poitin Day.

Other events to celebrate International Poitin Day include:
Glendalough Distillery celebrates International Poitin Day
National Poitin Day - Straw Boys Poitin Tour
Connacht Distillery Straw Boys Poitin Story

This event is part of Taste the Island.

Event Dates:

  • Mon, 18 November 2019 18:00 - 22:00

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