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Do you like watching The Cube on TV or do you remember The Crystal Maze or The Krypton Factor? If so, or if you like any sort of interactive challenge, then you’ll love GoQuest. This purpose built arena contains 27 unique challenge rooms with a mixture of skill, light physical and mental challenges inside them.

When you enter a room you have a limited amount of time to try and solve the challenge within – succeed and you’ll get the points for that room, fail and you can re try it or attempt another challenge room. You’re on a quest to get as many points as possible in a session and you’ll have great fun doing it!

GoQuest has four themed challenge zones in their purpose built arena: Jungle Jeopardy, Time Travel, Sports & Play and Hidden Ireland. All of these zones contain themed rooms and the mix of (light) physical, skill and mental challenges. But once you’re in the arena it’s up to you where you go and which challenges you attempt. But be careful, the clock is ticking, the countdown is on and you’re on a quest for points in the time available.

In GoQuest you take part in teams of three to five people and can accommodate up to 15 teams per session. So its perfect for groups as low as three or right up to 60! With block bookings GoQuest can even take up to 130 over a 3 hour period.

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