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ECM - European College of Management

ECM School of English has an excellent reputation for English Language Teaching and Training. Led by a team of well qualified and experienced language teaching professionals, ECM consistently provides quality education to each and every student. Our team of diligent, committed and passionate teachers accept nothing less than best practice in their classrooms. They are equipped with the resources and support to help students work towards all of their learning goals.

ECM School of English advocates a communicative approach to teaching. This allows our teachers to incorporate a variety of methods and techniques to achieve maximum results. There is extensive use of both inductive and deductive approaches to the teaching of particular language points in lessons with students afforded a wealth of opportunities to work with the language. This focus on communicative competence allows students to take the language they learn at ECM School of English and successfully employ it in real-life discourse in the English speaking community outside of the college. In addition, all students at ECM School of English have the opportunity to discuss and identify their learning styles with the Director of Studies which helps raise awareness for both learners and teachers.

At ECM School of English we believe that your time in Ireland should form part of a ‘total immersion experience‘. Ireland, and specifically Dublin, is the perfect venue for this immersion given that it is a modern, dynamic and vibrant capital city, famous for it’s social scene. To foster this immersion period, ECM School of English offers an engaging social and cultural activities programme which provides opportunities to participate in daily conversation classes, mentoring programmes and weekly nights out.

Located on Jervis Street, on the red tram line. A 12 minute walk from Connolly train station, and just 10 minutes from Busaras bus station.

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