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Dublino Nascosta

La Dublino Nascosta is an Italian historical walking tour of Dublin.

It offers an eclectic take on the side of Dublin you many have not seen before showing the hidden thread that ties together the different parts of the city and bringing to light the unusual and unknown Dublin... the unknown history behind the famous walls and buildings.

From the Vikings to the British Empire, via prominent Georgian townhouses and the less prominent red light district, the tour is a historical journey led by people who live and love this city. Packed with curiosities that will surprise even the locals, reveal the forgotten stories of famous and not-so-famous Dubliners, that have made the Irish capital one of the most vibrant and intriguing cultural cities in Europe.

Start your journey in Dublin with The Hidden Dublin Walking Tour!

The Tour is running every day of the week upon request. The tour is available in Italian and Spanish. Tour runs Saturday and Sunday from Temple Bar square at 14.30pm reservation is mandatory.

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