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Denny's Dublin Tours

The philosophy is that anyone can see a city but to really live it and feel it you need to be immersed in it. The activities on the tour are designed with this in mind. The tour doesn't just show you Dublin, with Denny’s Dublin Tours you become part of the City!

Along with the "walking tours" the unique events include a "Singsong", where you will not just hear Irish music, you will learn the history and the meaning of the songs and learn how to sing them.

"Denny's Dublin Challenge" is a great event for any visitor to Dublin. This is a totally unique event where you will discover Dublin by yourself while answering questions, finding secret places, talking to locals and taking lots of photos. Whether you are visiting with your family, boyfriend/girlfrind, with a group of friends or on your own, you'll love Denny's Dublin Challenge.

All theevents are Family friendly and private bookings are available for large groups.

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