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Daniel O'Connell - Fidelity - O'Connell Monument

Known as "the Liberator" for successfully campaigning for the right of Irish Catholics to become Members of Parliament, Daniel O'Connell is celebrated by the O'Connell Monument on the street which bears his name. O'Connell himself stands surrounded by a frieze of figures depicting elements of Irish society. Immediately underneath O’Connell is the Maid of Erin, symbolising Ireland, who is pointing at the Liberator and holding in her other hand the Act of Emancipation, while her former shackles lie broken at her feet.

Nearly thirty other figures surround the drum representing the Catholic Church, the professions, the arts, the trades and the peasantry.Below these are four winged women representing Patriotism, Courage, Eloquence and Fidelity, who has her own story to tell as a Talking Statue. Scan the code and hear her story via your phone.

Dublin poet Paula Meehan imagines Fidelity as a wise, compassionate figure 'rest[ing] in the stillness/between one human heart beat and the next'. Sitting with her faithful hound, Fidelity watches over the people coming and going on O'Connell Street.
Written by Paula Meehan, narrated by Ruth Negga.

Remnants of the 1916 Rising and the Civil War of 1922/23 are still visible on the statue in the form of round bullet holes. Look for them on the angels - on a wing, an arm or the chest of one - and on the man himself.

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