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Customised Jogging Tour - Sight Jogging Dublin

Do you want to stay fit and healthy and see the sights? Well now you can, as Sight Jogging Dublin combines a memorable sightseeing experience of Dublin with your regular fitness training. Whether you are a business traveller, a backpacker or a weekender, you can enjoy our city’s sights and history with a unique local guided tour and also get your daily dose of exercise, whatever your level of fitness.

This customised jogging tour of Dublin is a blank canvas. You call the shots – choosing where you want to go and what Dublin sights you want to see.

Provided it’s not a marathon, the guides will be happy to run as far as you wish. The prices for the customised tour will depend on the distance to be covered and times that the run take place.

Note that depending on the route chosen and time of day, the Customised Tour might require to take place early morning or in the evening (evenings during the summer only) where traffic and crowds might be an issue.

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