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Celtic Cookie Company

Ireland, 2017; A land dominated by donuts and dumplings, burritos and buffets and tacos and tapas. A dizzying array of choices, one-on-every-corner chain restaurants and over-priced instant coffee. What happened to old Ireland? A place of family businesses. Where it still rained every day but summer seemed to last forever. Where people waved to strangers in the street instead of crossing it. Where people remembered your name, instead of spelling it wrong. Celtic Cookie Company missed old Ireland, and so it’s bringing some of it back. Family-run, friendly customer service and 100% Irish-made produce. Ireland’s latest food trend is finally Irish!

Their homemade gourmet cookies are baked on the premises with all-Irish ingredients to ensure the freshest, most delicious cookies you've ever had. Their ice-cream is made down the road in Waterford and is arguably (and they will argue it) the best ice-cream in Ireland, with some of the most incredible flavours to have ever crossed your lovely lips (Baileys Irish Cream or Wild Cherry Cheesecake, anyone?). Finally, their coffee is supplied by SilverSkin, an Irish company changing the coffee game in Ireland, roasting all of their beans right here in Dublin.

Celtic Cookie Company is also home to their long-awaited, much-anticipated, never over-rated and poorly-imitated, Gourmet Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwiches; a combination of two of their gourmet cookies and two scoops of ice-cream that is completely your own creation!

Stop by their debut store on Middle Abbey Street to see their Dublinaissance for yourself.

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