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Butlers Townhouse

A stay at Butlers Townhouse in the Ballsbridge area of Dublin provides guests with an experience, rather than just a visit, transporting guests into a bygone era, having their own private club residence. Butlers Townhouse is an elegant Victorian house where you will find all modern conveniences.

This elegant townhouse has retained many of its original features, which have been imaginatively interwoven with 21st century conveniences. Rooms have been individually designed to capture the ambience of the Victorian era, whilst providing all the comforts of contemporary accommodation.

You will find each of the 20 rooms well appointed, with much time and effort spent on ensuring your comfort. Upon climbing into bed, you will find yourself enveloped in two fold Egyptian cotton, whilst resting your head on a luxuriant handmade pillow. The air conditioning can be remote controlled whilst you tune into one of the international TV stations pre programmed for your convenience. The power shower will leave you refreshed and invigorated or you can relax as you bathe with decadent soaps. The gourmet Irish breakfast and the light room service menu are superlative.

Complimentary WiFi and limited car parking is also available.

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