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Bullock Castle

Bullock Castle ruin stands on the Dun Laoghaire- Dalkey Road overlooking Bullock harbour. It was built on land given to the Cistercian monks and can be dated to about 1250 A.D. from its curved pointed arches mixed with the older round arches. The warrior's head, high up on the outer wall, has a particular style of helmet from that era. The castle building formed a gate into a courtyard that defended the harbour below with high walls and at least one other tower. After the dissolution of the monasteries, the harbour, village and castle were seized from the monks and passed down through various families until the start of the 18th century.

Inside the main door and inner porch is a large barrel-vaulted room originally used for the storage of grain, fish and other goods. A spiral staircase ascends to a series of rooms. On the way up a room on the left may be examined for its sturdy roof construction.

Bus route 7d goes right past the Castle. It does not appear to be open to the public, but is interesting to see. It is on land owned by a Nursing home at this time.

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