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Bodhrán & Tin Whistle Tasters

At Waltons New School of Music, you can immerse yourself in a world of authentic Irish traditional music with a one-hour Bodhrán or Tin Whistle Taster class, taught by one of the school’s renowned musicians and teachers, and leave Ireland with more than just memories.


The bodhrán (pronounced ‘bough-rawn’), a wood and goatskin drum beaten with a wooden stick or ‘beater’, is the heartbeat of traditional Irish music. Learn about this great instrument and the two most important rhythms of Irish music – reels and jigs – in this one-hour Taster. Take just the Taster, or include with it a Waltons 18-inch Classic Bodhrán Pack, including a high-quality bodhrán, beater and cover.


A simple tube of metal with six finger-holes, the Irish tin whistle is a beautiful and expressive Irish instrument. Learn the basics of tin whistle playing – as well as some great Irish tunes – in this one-hour Taster. The Taster fee includes a high-quality Waltons Brass D Tin Whistle (normally €4.95) for just €3.


Founded in 1994, Waltons New School of Music is one of the most renowned music schools in Ireland, offering music tuition in wide range of instruments and subjects for students of all ages, levels and abilities.

'...a centre for all sorts of musical activity...and all this while promoting excellence...’ – Irish Times

Where do they happen?
Bodhrán and Tin Whistle Tasters take place at Waltons New School of Music, which is located in Dublin city centre, five minutes’ walk from Trinity College and just around the corner from Dublin Castle.

How to book
Irish Music Tasters can be arranged at your convenience, subject to teacher availability. Go to the Waltons New School of Music website for an Irish Music Taster Booking Form, or phone the school office on +353 (0)1 478 1884. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance and requires a non-refundable deposit, with the balance due before the Taster commences.

Other Irish traditional instruments
One or two-hour Intensive Lessons - as well as short courses of lessons - can be arranged at the school for many other Irish traditional instruments, including: Banjo (4-String and 5-String) • Fiddle (Irish and Bluegrass) • Irish (Wooden) Flute • Irish Harp • Low Whistle • Mandolin • Piano Accordion • Uilleann Pipes. Go to the Waltons New School of Music website for more information.

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