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Biddy's Cottage

Biddy's Cottage is a traditional and truly authentic Irish Cottage in the heart of Dalkey, Dublin. Here you will step back in time and experience Irish life by the cosy turf fire as it would have been centuries ago.

Discover Irish folklore, cooking, beliefs and superstitions. An iron pot belongs to Biddy's great grandmother Cecily 'Handsome' Kearney who was born into a family of fishermen. As you sit by the fire you will see the little red dresser full of speckled delph, the settlebed sitting snugly in the corner, the 'skeehogue' or potato skib, where dinner was eaten from a basket on the knee... the bastable pot, tongs, crook and creel, cooking instruments now forgotten in a world of technology. Various St. Bridget's crosses are hung over the doors and dresser to bring good luck and protect good people.

Biddy, a reknowned artist, foodie and storyteller will beguile you with the stories of Dalkey, the island, the tides and currents where she rows her boat from Coliemore Harbour. Settle in and enjoy two special cocktails, tea and her famous oatcakes. This is a cottage to shelter from the lashing rain or sudden, rare sunlight, a place to breathe in the past that is Ireland.

To get to Dalkey, you can take the DART from the city. It takes twenty five minutes and brings you straight into Dalkey village. The cottage is a ten minute walk from Dalkey DART Station and you can get the DART home after the storynight.

Unique as a writer, Brighid 'Biddy' Mc Laughlin has brought those same qualities to her career as a folk artist. She has also co-authored a cookery book. Her paintings have titles such as 'Local Gossips” and “Culchie Surfer” which are witty and painted in bright blues and yet these are mixed with the darker themes that have been so much part of her extraordinary life.

Biddy's Cottage, Dalkey has been voted number 1 destination in Dalkey by Tripadvisor and No. 1-Quirkiest destination in Dublin.

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