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The great city of Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and this tour to Belfast will not only take you on a tour of the city but you will also see many other gems of the North including historical and natural treasures.

The guides are full of knowledge about Northern Ireland from it's great mountains to St Patrick and of course the “Troubles” that have scared this part of the country over many decades. The guides will tell you stories of old and interesting tales.

The tour will head directly for Belfast city for a tour. A guide will take you first around West Belfast, the home of the famous ( or infamous ) Peace Wall. You will also visit the Republican museum ( Tuesdays till Saturdays) before you’re dropped in the city centre for some free time and lunch ( not included ). You might need to change some money to sterling pounds as you are now in the United Kingdom! After exploring the city centre, the tour departs on the second half of the tour to East Belfast and the birthplace of RMS Titanic.

Even though you've already seen Belfast city, your northern adventure has only just begun as the tour heads out of the city to the town of Downpatrick and the resting place of Ireland’s most famous saint: Patrick. Here you will visit the Saint Patrick Centre, as well as visit Down Cathedral where you will find the grave of Saint Patrick himself.

Then onto the coastal village of Dundrum to visit it’s Norman castle. Climb to the top of the fortified walls and see the amazing views for miles.

The tour moves on to the highest mountain range in Northern Ireland, The Mourne Mountains where you will make a photo stop at an area of outstanding beauty at Spelga Dam. Ask your guide to show you gravity hill and watch your tour bus ‘roll up’ a hill all by itself ! From there you will travel down the coast line and make another stop at Ross’ Monument which is dedicated to Major General Robert Ross, who burned down the White House in retaliation for the Americans burning York ( now modern Toronto ) in 1813!

Sadly all great adventures must come to an end. However the memories will last a lifetime so sit back while your guide plays some traditional music and enjoy reminiscing about your day tour to the north as you make your way back to Dublin.


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