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Ballad Tours Dublin

The unique Ballad Tour of Dublin explains the history of Irish music and Dublin City in a simple, laid back and good-humoured style. You will hear stories of Dublin's 18th century dens of iniquity, in an area known as ‘Hell’ located right beside Christchurch Cathedral.

Visitors will hear songs from Dublin with roots as far back as the 9th century along with 21st century Irish songs.

Guests are encouraged to sing along with the ballad booklet that is provided. These booklets can also be taken home after the tour.

Smock Alley Theatre, Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin Castle as well as the site of the original Viking Dublin are some of the sights included on the tour.

Plenty of history, entertainment, song and laughter are to be had when joining The Ballad Tour.

Please email or text to book a guided tour.

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