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Ask Too Much of Me

Youth Theatre Ireland presents the National Youth Theatre
Ask Too Much of Me
by Dylan Coburn Gray

For the 2019 National Youth Theatre, Artistic Director Veronica Coburn and playwright Dylan Coburn Gray have worked with an ensemble cast of sixteen young people from youth theatres across Ireland to create a new play around the idea of faith.

There’s more to know than there ever was before, meaning maybe we’re more ignorant because we don’t know. So if you’re not feeling small, lost or afraid, then you’re not paying attention.

Ask Too Much of Me follows young people living together outside the law in the turbulent first half of 2018.

They have a lot of questions and few answers, meaning they live by faith even if they don’t live by god.

Where is safe? Who can I count on? Can love save us? Is a better world impossible just because we can’t imagine it?

Come along, but expect no answers.

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