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1st Floor Apartment

This exclusive property in Dalkey Village on the outskirts of Dublin City has a balcony with panoramic views of Dalkey and Killiney. This first floor apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen/dining room, a double bedroom with double bed and an independent bathroom. The accommodation is fully furnished and includes a dishwasher, washer/dryer, fridge, microwave, central heating, TV and oven with hob.

The designated heritage town of Dalkey is a truly fascinating and interesting location, situated at the southern end of Dublin bay. It has a strong historical lineage and is famous for its literary associations, with many writers making their home here.

The area has two early Christian churches, dating back to the 10th Century. One is on Dalkey Island and the other is located in the town, access is through Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre. During the Middle Ages, Dalkey was the chief port for Dublin, a hub of activity and an important centre of commerce. It was a fortified town with six castles and two of these castles still exist. One now houses the heritage centre, originally Goat’s Castle, and the other is Archbald’s Castle.

The location is difficult to equal, with a myriad of restaurants, cafes, shops, boutiques and pubs located side by side. Public transport links are excellent. The house is five minutes from the railway station and the bus stops five metres from the property’s front gate. It is a perfect location for touring Dublin, Wicklow and the Southeast region. Meander through the narrow winding streets, wafting with historical heritage and lineage ready to be explored, strolling though the centuries and enjoying the sea air.

The property is just five minutes walk from the railway station, beside bus stops and located two minutes from Dalkey town centre. There is easy access to the M50 and N11 and secure parking on site. This venue is a must on your visitors list for comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.

Dalkey is a town with a great cultural heritage hosting a very popular Book festival and an Oyster festival every year.

The Blue Air Coach stops directly outside the gate.

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