COVID-19 Safety Charter

 What you need to know about the COVID-19 Safety Charter and the reassurance it provides...

Rediscover Dublin: your guide to safe travel in the capital

For those living in Dublin, it's the perfect time to rediscover Ireland's capital with new eyes. Book a family trip or an outing with friends, discover the hidden nooks and crannies of our colourful city and revel in endless opportunities for exploration.

Here’s how you can stay safe while experiencing Dublin’s charming streets, literary heritage, striking street art and reinvigorating hikes.

Find out what Dublin is made of

While some aspects of life in our unique city may be temporarily paused, this is the perfect opportunity for locals to seek out spots they may have missed; it's time to reclaim and renew your acquaintance with what makes the Fair City not just unbeatable... but truly unstoppable.

As you become a tourist in your own city, the COVID-19 Safety Charter is a commitment from our tourism industry including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, bars and visitor attractions to ensure you have the safest break possible.

What is the COVID-19 Safety Charter?

The COVID-19 Safety Charter tells you that a business is following the necessary safety guidelines so you can relax on a special staycation. When you see the Charter’s reassuring green and white Safety Charter symbol, know that every single employee in the business has passed the COVID-19 Safety & Hygiene Control Training and is working hard to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

What does a business have to do to receive the charter?
To earn the Charter, staff must have a good understanding of infection control and take strict hygiene measures. Tourism businesses that have successfully completed COVID-19 Safety & Hygiene Control Training are subject to spot checks. 

From the friendly receptionist at the front desk to the head chef, every staff member is following key safety guidelines so that you can enjoy yourself with confidence.

Where can you see the charter?
Businesses with the Charter display the symbol on their official websites and in their front windows. You can check out a detailed version of the COVID-19 Safety Charter here.

While the Charter puts your safety first, it’s worth remembering what you can do when you head on a trip.

Staying safe on your break in Ireland

On a family day out or a weekend break, take the recommended government measures to keep safe. Stroll around the glorious grounds of Phoenix Park and take in the sights and sounds of the city centre, but remember to wash your hands regularly and pop some hand sanitiser in your bag.

Social distancing is important — keep a space of two metres between yourself and others where possible, wear face coverings on public transport and in shops and avoid close contact, including shaking hands and hugs.

If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or your sleeve. Check out the HSE Guidelines, which are updated regularly.

It’s important to follow these steps as you return to your favourite holiday spots or discover new places in Dublin.

Let's show the world what Dublin can do

Though big gatherings, cultural outings and indoor dining are off the table for the moment, there's no shortage of things to do in Ireland’s capital city: and despite the restrictions, there are plenty of ways to prepare for an enjoyable — and safe — autumn and winter season in Dublin.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Get out and enjoy some of the creative, dynamic and quirky activities that make our city a capital to cherish and be proud of. Make new memories, plan that special experience and rediscover our incredible capital. Venture outside the city centre and enjoy spectacular beaches and wide, open spaces.

Now is the time to find out what Dublin is made of.