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Nine... Dublin Phrases

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If you’re coming to Dublin, the chances are you’re going to hear some lingo that is unique to our fair city. Birthplace of Wilde, Yeats and Beckett, to name but a few – there’s no denying Dubliners have a way with words. Here are nine of our most unique turns of phrase you need to know before your visit...

Nine… Dublin Phrases


Hello, how are you?

2. The state of yer one

She does not look very well.

3. Deadly


4. Keep sketch

Please make sure no-one sees what I am doing.

5. G’way outta that

I don’t believe you.

6. Scarlet for ya

I am embarrassed on your behalf.

Nine… Dublin Phrases
Nine… Dublin Phrases

7. Relax the cacks

Please calm down.

8. Nice one


9. Stall it for a jar?

Would you like to come for a drink?