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26th February 2018

Irish dance act Le Boom provide the soundtrack to our latest love letter to Dublin; This City's Got love. Get the inside scoop on band founder Christy's favourite Dublin haunts.

Le Boom are an exciting Dublin-based dance duo, making huge waves both locally and internationally. We asked them to soundtrack ‘This City’s Got Love’, a fantastic new campaign showcasing just how incredibly diverse Dublin is. You can watch a snippet of this thrilling video below, or head over to our This City's Got Love article to view the full version. Christy (one half of the band) also took time out to share his favourite things about the city, from its cultural and artistic offering, to his favourite cafés, bars, restaurants, and of course, its best hidden gems.

You wrote ‘This City’s Got Love’ especially for this video. How would you summarise Dublin?
Dublin’s tiny, and I think that’s one of the best things about it. It has a pulse and a buzz like no other city. It’s got a rawness that I love. It’s full of musicians, artists, actors and filmmakers. All my mates are here, so it’s definitely my favourite city.

Do you think Dublin has evolved over the last few years? How so?
Definitely. On the surface, anyone can see the amount of cafés and barber shops springing up all over the place, but for me, the real evolution is in its vibe. One of my favourite days in Dublin was three years ago in May 2015, when the marriage equality vote went through. Maybe I was just imagining it, but I remember feeling like something really changed in the city that day. I’m not saying it turned into an overnight utopia where all problems were suddenly solved, but since then, the city feels different and more loving... to me anyway!

Which Irish musicians have inspired you over the years?
Jape has always been a huge inspiration to me. His album, This Chemical Sea, is what made me want to start the Le Boom project. I’m continually inspired by my peers in the music scene too.

Do you remember the first gig you attended?
Yeah, I was about seven and went to a Steps concert with my aunt and my sister, Katy. I think it was in the Point (now 3Arena) at the time.
And the last?
Sylvan Esso in District 8 a few weeks ago.
Your Le Boom bandmate Aimee attended BIMM, a college located in the heart of the Liberties. How would you describe this historic neighbourhood?
The term ‘Old Dublin’ is a bit of a cliché, but the Liberties feels like the real Dublin of our grandparents’ generation. It’s definitely changing though, and I hope it doesn’t lose its charm.
Have you favourite Liberties haunts?
We have a lot of band meetings in Two Pups, and I really like a new pub called Lucky’s which is also nearby.
Where would you bring someone visiting Dublin for 24 hours?
I would bring them to IMMA in the morning, then for lunch in Fumbally Cafe or Eat Yard, stroll around Grafton Street and maybe Stephen’s Green. A pint in the Hacienda that night and down to Lumo afterwards for tunes.
Irish dance duo Le Boom, by Ruth Medjber
Image: Ruth Medjber

Before we finished up chatting to Christy we asked him of his favourite haunts around Dublin…. Some great choices here!
A quiet pint? Grogan’s or the Hacienda.
A night out? The Bernard Shaw or Whelan’s.
A live gig new Irish music? I love Lumo. It’s a once-a-month club night, but it often has live acts playing too.
Best place for a coffee? I live near Proper Order, I like it there.
Brunch? Slice in Stoneybatter. Wuff is great too.
Dinner? I love Old Town on Capel Street.
Takeaway? Namaste in Smithfield.
Favourite Dublin venue, to play? Whelan’s has been an amazing venue for us – some of our best shows have been there.
Favourite venue, as a fan? I’ve seen some great shows in the Button Factory.
Your favourite Dublin hidden gem? The Hacienda or Walsh’s in Stoneybatter.
Favourite spot for some quiet time? I cycle out to Seapoint or the Forty Foot in Sandycove a lot. Or Howth, it feels like you’re a million miles from the city.
Favourite shop for clothes? I usually pick up t-shirts for gigs in Dublin Vintage Factory. Then, I suppose Urban Outfitters and TopMan too.
Vintage items? The Dublin Vintage Factory.
Vinyl / Music equipment? We use Music Maker a lot.

Favourite market? George’s Street Arcade.
Favourite gallery? I love IMMA. I go there a lot. It’s got an amazing garden for reading in the summer too.
Favourite green space in the city? I run in the Phoenix Park or Memorial Park.

Now that you’ve discovered Le Boom’s favourite things about Dublin, it’s time to go out and experience them all! As you explore all our amazing capital has to offer, you’ll soon realise – This City’s Got Love.

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