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The Dublin Theatre Scene

By Visit Dublin

5th November 2014

Dublin is a city full of drama. Within this small capital, some of the world’s most brilliant playwrights were born and raised, while everyone from Irish rebels to international movie stars have graced Dublin’s fair stage. Explore Dublin theatre...

Did you know that Orson Welles made his professional theatrical debut at Dublin’s Gate Theatre? Or that recently, Irish actor Cillian Murphy, of Inception and the Dark Knight, stepped away from the camera and into the light of Dublin’s stage? Or that Junk Ensemble, a Dublin theatre company, challenges traditional theatre by bringing their shows to the street?

Lovers of theatre need look no further than Dublin’s great range of theatres and playhouses, both traditional and modern, with a busy programme of events happening across the year.

The Dublin theatre scene is certainly full of surprises, but there’s more in store. Here are some interesting facts about Dublin’s theatre scene to get you in the mood for drama...

Timeline of Dublin theatre

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