Celtic Tweed

A close up of someone with scissors cutting a pattern on a cloth
A close up of someone holding tweed cloth as a sewing machine stitches a seam
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Celtic Tweed is an authentic Irish company based in Balbriggan, County Dublin. Irish handmade tweed and linen garments are designed and manufactured by master craftspeople specially for you to enjoy. Visitors can explore the rich heritage of Balbriggan and discover this fine craft.

Celtic Tweed’s tour experience allows visitors to delve into the illustrious heritage of its hometown of Balbriggan, giving a background to the craft of garment making and tailoring in Ireland. Hear about the craftspeople that received The Royal Warrant and what this meant for the town.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience an authentic behind the scenes look at the working warehouse, how classic and contemporary tweed and linen garments are handmade by master craftspeople. You can even try your own hand at putting a mini pattern together.

Also, on your visit to Celtic Tweed, learn about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and how you can do your part in contributing to a Circular Economy.

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