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Angela Scanlon's Dublin

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Stylist, fashion writer and TV presenter, Angela Scanlon divides her time between London and Dublin. Here she shares her top Dublin tips for fashion, food and nights out.

Discover her fashion inspiration and favourite shopping spots. Enjoy a little me time and treat yourself to some pampering at the nail salon top of her list, or indulge in some night time fun at her preferred bars and dance floors...

Angela Scanlon's Dublin
Hi Angela! Your Guide to Shopping in Dublin Quiz divides shoppers into five kinds of people. You got vintage, can you share your top tips for finding good vintage in Dublin?

There are too many! The Harlequin, Folkster, Jenny Vander, Nine Crows...

Were the ladies in your family ever fashion inspiration?

My granny always insisted on lipstick and a brooch before leaving the house, even at 93. She was amazing! My mam has great style too and I find myself stealing clothes from my sisters on occasion.

Would you consider Dublin to be a fashionable city?

Dublin people are utterly unique. There's a charm and sense of humour there that's pretty special and that's reflected in the way we dress. There's buckets of personality.

How can you stay fashionable in Dublin with the ever-changing weather?

A parka!

Images via Conor Clinch, wardrobe image via Harlequin

Where is the best place in Dublin to style spot?

South William Street for sure. Grab a coffee at Clement & Pekoe, sit outside and watch the city go by.

Are there particular streets you favour for shopping in Dublin?

I love Drury Street, South William Street and Castle Market Street. That whole area is filled with brilliant independent stores, amazing pop-ups and cafés.

Favourite boutique in Dublin?

Scout for great independent labels, Costume for brilliant designer labels, Folkster for vintage and jewellery.

When shopping, when do you splurge and when do you skimp?

Splurge on accessories and coats, save on trend pieces.

Do you have any wardrobe staples? 

A great coat from Costume, a pair of black boots from Buffalo, a cashmere knit from Scout, a Pauric Sweeney bag and something bright and/or embellished from BT2.

Images via Conor Clinch

Angela Scanlon's Dublin
Angela Scanlon's Dublin
When you reach your budget limit, do you throw caution to the wind or are you a sensible spender?

It depends on the day. If I don't think I can afford it I won't allow myself to fall in love with it but sometimes I can be reckless. I just close my eyes and swipe!

If money was no object, what fashion item would you love to have?

I think I'd choose a classic Chanel bag or Ferregamo rainbow shoes.

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

Oh this is embarrassing. It's actually a Chicago Bulls men’s basketball vest. I have had it for years from when I danced and I can't get rid of it. I love it under a tuxedo or with an embellished skirt or old boyfriend jeans. I even wear it running.

What Dublin-based or Dublin-born designers do you rate?

Simone Rocha is the one at the moment. Danielle Romeril is brilliantly talented too and starting to make waves.

Images via Conor Clinch

You’re a bit of a night owl, what are your night time tips for visitors to Dublin?

Grogan's Pub is a classic, the best pint of Guinness in Dublin and the perfect cheese toastie. WAR for some filthy, embarrassing dancing. Ukiyo for sushi and karaoke. And my place for wine once the bars close, I have a place right in the centre of the city so it tends to be a half-way house on weekends.

Favourite place to eat in Dublin?

The Pepper Pot for the creamiest scrambled eggs and wedges on sourdough bread. For lunch, it's an ebi roll in Yamamori and in the evening 777 on Georges Street. Do margaritas count?

Best place to pamper?

Tropical Popical on South William Street. It's a psychedelic nail bar that serves Lilt in coconut shells and plays amazing music. It's the perfect oasis.

Favourite escape from the city?

The Hugh Lane Gallery is wonderful and any time I feel uninspired I go to peer into Francis Bacon’s studio. It’s amazing to look into the mind of a genius.

Images via Conor Clinch

Angela Scanlon's Dublin

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