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Self-Guided Walking Trails

If you are new to Dublin, or a seasoned local, and want to independently explore the city’s hidden (and not so hidden) treasures and stories, Dublin Discovery Trails are for you.

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Each self-guided walking trail has been designed to deliver a unique and immersive Dublin experience which is supported by the Dublin Discovery Trails App.

This free app is available to download for iOS and Android devices, and gives you the chance to uncover the compelling stories of Dublin’s culture, heritage and history through a series of engaging audio guides enriched with commentary, personal accounts, images and GPS-enabled maps with the route and stops clearly marked on them. 


Download the Dublin Discovery Trails app

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The Dublin Discovery Trails are all connected by the Dubline. Extending from Kilmainham Gaol through to Trinity College and Parnell Square the Dubline is an orientation route that connects places, people and stories. Along the route, discover the stories that shaped Dublin and trace the timeline of our city from its origins to the present day. Explore at your leisure the hidden gems along the way.

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Dublin Discovery Trails are about wandering off the beaten track and uncovering some of Dublin’s secrets, waiting to be revealed to the curious, before re-orientating yourself back onto the Dubline, ready for your next experience. 

Each trail is simple to navigate, easy on the feet and has an exciting, revealing theme. Do just one, or walk them all!

  • Retrace the dramatic events of the Easter Rising 1916 with Rebellion and hear how these six days changed the course of Irish history.
  • The Story of Dublin will guide you through streets broad and narrow and take you on a thrilling journey through Dublin’s 1000-year history.
  • Explore Kilmainham with Echoes of War and discover moving stories of war and rebellion around every corner of this peaceful place.
  • Go back in time with Empire to the busy streets of Dublin when it was one of the most important cities in the British Empire.

Please note: each trail takes approximately two hours on foot.