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  • Welcome To Night Vale: All Hail

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Welcome to Night Vale are returning to Dublin with their latest live show, All Hail, at the National Concert Hall.

The much-adored podcast has legions of devoted fans who can’t wait to wrap their ears around the latest episode of Night Vale, performed by Cecil Baldwin with a live score by Disparition.

Night Vale is a strange place that you will discover through its local radio show. Reports of happenings and even the weirdest weather dispatches reveal a world of demon beagle puppies, frequent station intern deaths, and easily-accessed otherworlds.

This world is dystopian but hilarious. The dark comedy is perfectly pitched, and the unforeseeable twists and turns that the plot takes make it a rollercoaster ride of a listen.

Whether you’re an existing fan or you’re intrigued, step into this upside-down world for a bizarre hour of stylish storytelling.



National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace