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  • James Joyce's Dublin - Dublin, Differently


Visit the famous James Joyce centre,a Georgian building in the city that features furniture from Joyce’s Paris apartment (where he wrote Finnegans Wake). It also features the original front door of 7 Eccles Street (Leopold Bloom’s house in Ulysses).

Following that experience you will then be taken on a route of Dublin that features landmarks and stories of Joyce and his works.

Arriving at a notable landmark from Ulysses, which has been preserved as it was in Joyce’s time, a reading from the book will take place.

You will then escape the city centre on a brief train journey to Martello Tower, where Joyce lived in 1904 with fellow writer Oliver St. John Gogarty. Today it is known as the James Joyce Museum. It also serves as the setting for the opening chapter in Ulysses.

This tour is a must for any Joyce fan. Not just to visit such authentic locations, but to share and discuss his work from tour guide to fellow fan.

The tour includes

James Joyce Centre
Reading from Ulysses
Landmarks in Dublin featured in Joyce’s works
James Joyce Museum


15 Cherry Grove, Swords