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  • Ireland's Swinging Sixties?

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The 1960s are when things got wild for the youths of the world; in the USA there was Woodstock on one side of the country and the Manson Family running murderously riot on the other side, while in Paris young people were donning their berets and bringing the city to a standstill with their intellectual, beatnik politicking.

Ireland was no different. Young people were being exposed to everything from new technologies to short skirts, and these elements would become very important in bringing about new youthful personalities like the powerhouse of political talent Bernadette Devlin, who didn't let her knees in the breeze stop her from leading a civil rights movement.

Society changed hugely in 1960s Ireland, creating a cultural gap between the old schools and new schools of thought. Conservative Ireland's collective mind boggled at the goings-on with young people, and on that fascinating topic, Dr Carole Holohan is an expert.

She researches and writes about the history of youth and poverty, often appearing on radio shows or giving lectures like this one at the Little Museum of Dublin. Let her guide you in the ways of the children of the revolution.



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