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Niall Harbison's Top Dublin Eateries

Visit Dublin has teamed up with well-known entrepreneur and founder of Lovin’ Dublin, Niall Harbison to create The Edible Map. Niall has handpicked some of his favourite spots to eat around the city. Our mouthwatering map has been designed for those with a healthy appetite for exploration – it’ll help you traverse the exciting Dublin food scene – where you’ll find amazing food, friendly service and banging tunes at every turn.


L Mulligan Grocer 

This very traditional Irish pub serves up some of the most wholesome food in the city along with a huge selection of craft beers and whiskies. You can settle into a snug and enjoy restaurant quality food at affordable prices while mixing with some real locals. 


Brother Hubbard

One of the best spots in town for brunch at the weekends but you'll want to get here early because seats go fast. The food is eclectic with Moroccan influences - if you don't try the brownie here you will never know what heaven actually tastes like.  



This BBQ joint slow cooks meat for 12 hours overnight and then serves it up while you sit on real saddles and listen to awesome tunes and mingle with people gearing up for a night out. Super relaxed atmosphere with kitchen towels for napkins and food to be eaten with your hands.  



In the heart of the city this Japanese bar serves up amazing bite sized Asian food and wonderful cocktails, as well as having a huge selection of quality Japanese beers. You'll find yourself having so much fun down here you might struggle to get up the stairs again on the way out. 


Super Miss Sue 

The newest addition to the list is an amazing creation that mixes a high-end fish and chip shop, gin bar, cafe and fine dining seafood bar. It’s somewhere to go if you fancy a really special night out sipping on amazing cocktails while eating some of the best seafood in town.


The Fumbally

Chilled out cafe that feels somewhere between a music festival and an old library. They often show films, have informal talks or live music. Great place to work during the day with excellent free wifi, wonderful coffee and a whole host of yummy healthy food. 


Bunsen Burger 

Every city has a load of different burger options and Dublin is no different but one place stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to this classic meal. Bunsen put all the emphasis on the beef and serving up simple combinations that actually fit in your mouth in one go. Insane flavors and a quick turnaround leaving you free to head into any of the local drinking establishments. 

Catering for all tastes from budget bites to Michellin stars, click here, for more.