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    National Museum of Ireland - Natural History

    The National Museum of Ireland-Natural History, on Merrion Street in Dublin City, has galleries of animals from Ireland and overseas, as well as geological exhibits from a total collection of about two million scientific specimens.

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    Dublinia is a heritage centre, located in the heart of the Medieval city of Dublin. There are three exciting exhibitions in Dublinia: Viking Dublin, Medieval Dublin and the History Hunters.

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    Butlers Chocolate Experience

    The Butlers Chocolate Experience offers tours of the well-known chocolate factory in County Dublin. Tastings, movies and demonstrations are all on offer, while visitors get a glimpse into the inner workings of the factory itself.

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    Ireland - Birth of a Nation

    Ireland - Birth of a Nation is a film that was produced for visitors to Ireland. It demonstrates the way in which Ireland went from being part of the British Empire to becoming an independent state.

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    The Jeanie Johnston

    A tour of the Jeanie Johnston, in Dublin, enables visitors to see what it was like on board a wooden, tall ship during the famine era. The tour will convey a deep sense of history and will be a memorable experience for all who come on board.