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  • Museums & Attractions

    National Folklore Collection

    The National Folklore Collection is one of the largest collections of folklore material in the world. It documents the history of field recordings displaying early sound recording equipment, manuscripts and visual items on Irish tradition.

  • Museums & Attractions

    Kilmainham Gaol

    Before it's closure in 1924, Dublin's Kilmainham Gaol housed some of the most famous political and military leaders in Irish history. You can now visit and experience this fascinating piece of history.

  • Museums & Attractions

    National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

    Walk into the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street and you are magically transported back in time to see famous celtic artefacts. A stroll through time will take you all the way back to 7,000 BC.

  • Museums & Attractions

    Geological Museum

    Geology is the science of the study of the earth, its life and processes that have given rise to its present structure. The Geological Museum, in Trinity College Dublin, helps to tell this story.

  • Museums & Attractions

    The Piper's Parlour

    Take a tour of the Piper's Parlour to learn about the uilleann pipes and the history of 15 Henrietta Street. Located on Henrietta Street, Dublin 1 (off Bolton Street), the Piper's Parlour offers visitors a rare opportunity to try the pipes.