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addressWestwood Club, Clontarf Road, Clontarf





An Eventing of Mystery, Magic, Fun and Fear...

Explore Bram Stoker's CASTLE DRACULA with the Characters from Dracula coming alive to greet you... 'Renfield', 'Lucy' and 'Van Helsing' take you on an amazing journey through our Castle Tunnels, Bridges, Gargoyle Courtyards, Haunted Library and off course 'Ireland's only Graveyard Theatre' for our Castle Dracula Show.

Castle Dracula exhibits memorabilia from the Dracula and all the History of Bram Stoker, Stories, Pictures, Posters, Death Certificates and even a lock of Bram Stoker's hair cut on this death bed by his wife Florence...Putting you right inside the mind of the man who gave us the World's Greatest Horror Character.

Castle Dracula celebrates one of Ireland's most famous writers Bram Stoker and his masterpiece DRACULA...The Greatest selling Book of all time...apart from the Bible, Dracula has inspired more that 1000 Moves, that’s more movies inspired by Dracula than anything or anyone in the last Century!! Bram Stoker was born and grew up just across the road from Castle Dracula. Number 15 the Crescent in Clontarf was Bram's Stokers Family Home, number 1 was where Florence Lived, Florence Balcombe was to later to become Bram’s Wife. Love didn't have to travel far for Bram and Florence, however it wasn't all smooth sailing for them, as Florence had another young suitor, the brother of Bram’s Best Friend... her suitor was a young Oscar Wilde. Oscar said Florence had the face of an angel and by all accounts and the sketches painted by Oscar and the Photos of Florence we exhibit in the Castle, she was very beautiful, possibly the inspiration for Mina. Oscar introduced Florence to Bram, he must have regretted that...Bram and Florence were married when Bram was 31 and Florence just 19. It's said that Oscar was Furious when Florence Broke it off with him, announced that she was engaged to Bram and leaving for London. He had given her a gold cross with his name engraved on it, which he insisted on getting back… I know, Oscar Wilde, upset at being dumped by a Woman, he was young. They did make it up and Bram did visit Oscar while he was in prison in London and traveled to Paris to see him when he was unwell.

Bram Stoker has been dead for over 100 years, on his death bed, his wife Florence cut a lock of this hair as was the custom, it was handed down the Stoker Generations, until it was very kindly donated. It now hangs in a Gold Pendent on display in Castle Dracula, home of the World’s Only Graveyard Theatre. The first words that dear Jonathon Harker heard from the Blood stained lips of the Count are the words we say you you; "Enter here of your own free will and leave some of the Happiness you bring with you”

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