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addressPigeon House Road, Ringsend




The unique nature of our business lies in our mobility, affordability and personality. While our instructors still have the highest standard of training from the governing bodies of the respective sports, and our equipment is the most up-to-date available, we still retain a personal touch that can be lost in bigger business.

Our chief instructor, Kris Goodbody, has been involved in the Irish watersports business for over ten years and has six years experience teaching kitesurfing in Dublin Bay and elsewhere worldwide.

Our location at the foot of the pigeon towers is perfect
as it is open to the full range of wind direction while also being shallow enough for the students to remain safe at all times - though our mobile nature allows us to travel to different locations when the wind isn’t working for Poolbeg.

We are capable of managing medium to large groups (5,6,7,8 people) though we have an affiliation with Surfdock watersports that allows us to deal with larger groups.

We can also collect people from the nearest public transportation.