Events - FilmDarklight Festival Block T1 –  6 Haymarket, Smithfield Dublin 7 Dates and full programme TBC Darklight is the foremost festival for independent creativity in Ireland. It has been associated with new cinematic practices and creative technology for the past 15 years. Darklight has its origins in digital culture and new paradigms in film production, distribution and marketing. Each year, a new area in creative thinking and practices is explored during Darklight's three day festival. Darklight celebrates and encourages new work and provides a platform for emerging filmmakers and artists, while introducing new work to a core audience of cultural influencers and innovators.   Darklight is distinctive as it provides a unique experience for its audience, who can engage with speakers and contributors in an open and shared creative environment.  It showcases experimental work that attracts the curiously cultural and is not readily shown elsewhere in Ireland.  It is our mission to stay diligently informed of the practices synonymous with the continued evolution of moving image storytelling and share this with an engaged audience.  Darklight's vision is curating a programme that continues to capture the imaginations of the next generation of innovators. Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in 2003, The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) has fast become Ireland's premier feature film festival and takes place in Ireland's capital city over the course of eleven days and nights each February. JDIFF continues its commitment to celebrating film as an art form by presenting over 120 films from the four corners of the globe to the Irish Audience. The festival is a citywide event that takes place in all of the Dublin City Centre Cinemas including Cineworld, The Savoy, Screen, Irish Film Institute and Light House Cinema in Smithfield. The majority of films shown at the film festival are Irish premieres, and for some of the films shown, the festival represents the only public screening that will take place in Ireland. Since its inauguration the festival has prided itself on creating a unique forum of exchange between the public and the filmmaking community through hosting a whole range of events that allow the public to interact with filmmakers in the form of public interviews, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. Over the years an array of film talent has joined in with the celebration including Daniel Day Lewis, Gabriel Byrne, Jim Sheridan, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Charlize Theron, Colin Firth and Liam Neeson, among others, all of whom have graced the JDIFF red carpet. Audiences and industry members have been delighted to meet a widely diverse range of luminaries and gain insights in to every area of the film world including perspectives from directors, producers, screenwriters and critics such as Mike Leigh, John Sayles, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Mc Donagh, Jeremy Thomas, Wim Wenders, Neil Gaiman, Jan Troell, Sarah Polley, Frederic Raphael and Todd McCarthy among many others. Irish Film Talent is celebrated as an integral part of the JDIFF programme each year by presenting Irish film in all its guises from archival, to documentary, to the very latest Irish feature films from first time film directors. In 2008 the festival inaugurated The Irish Talent Spotlight in order to profile exceptional new and established talent working in all areas of the Irish Film Industry. Ken Wardrop (Writer/Director), Margo Harkin (Producer), Tim Fleming (Director of Photography), Cartoon Saloon (Irish Animation Company) and Margeret Corkery (Writer/Director) have all been honoured as part of this initiative. Each year the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival presents The Volta Awards to outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of film. Named for Ireland's first dedicated cinema, the Volta Picture Theatre on Mary Street in Dublin, recipients of The Volta have included Gabriel Byrne, Daniel Day Lewis, Consolata Boyle, George Morrison, Paolo Sorrentino and Thierry Fremaux. For more information click here Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival flagship festival of the Irish Film Institute, the Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival returns for its 15th year this November boasting a catalogue of Gallic treasures over 12 days and nights. Attracting thousands of cinefiles to the IFI every year owing to its broad selection of films (many straight from Cannes), and with a selection of new features, documentaries and of course, the classics, there’s definitely something for everyone. Over its many successful years the festival has hosted some of the most distinguished and revered names in French cinema, from Juliette Binoche, Arnaud Desplechin, and Emmanuelle Devos, to Xavier Beauvois, Jane Birkin, and Isabelle Carré, to name but a glittering few. A diversity of French films have also premiered in Ireland at the festival since its inception, including Amour, L’Humanité, L’Esquive, Un Prophète and Être et Avoir. Watch this space for the delectable French film feast as the programme details are announced in early October. National Theatre Live: Of Mice and Men incredible opportunity to see James Franco and Chris O’Dowd’s critically-acclaimed turns in the Broadway production of Of Mice and Men, The Lighthouse Cinema is screening the National Theatre Live recording of the play on 6th November. In a lauded revival of Nobel Prize-winner John Steinbeck's depression-era play, witness this powerful portrait of the American spirit and its heart-breaking testament to the unbreakable bonds of friendship, directed by the award-winning Anna D. Shapiro. Nominated for two Tony Awards, including Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play for Chris O'Dowd, this excellent production also features Leighton Meester (Country Strong, Gossip Girl) and Tony Award-winner Jim Norton (The Seafarer). Heralded as a “moving masterpiece” by Time Magazine, audiences won’t fail to be compelled by this enduring tale. Tickets Full price €12 Concession €9 An American Werewolf in London better to celebrate Halloween than by scaring yourself silly with a creepy cult classic? Enjoy a fright-fest in the comfy 26-seat cinema of Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin 2, with An American Werewolf in London. American college students David and Jack are enjoying a walking tour of Britain when they’re attacked by a monstrous werewolf whose existence none of the locals will admit to... A gory 80s delight, the film’s impressive effects still hold up today, making for a highly original, atmospheric and deliciously witty, horror gem. Enjoy the film, popcorn and a San Pellegrino beverage for €14 or a San Pellegrino cocktail for €18. Or enjoy the film with popcorn and a San Pellegrino fruit drink and indulge in a two-course meal from the table d’hôte menu in Francesca’s Restaurant for €31. Hocus Pocus spooktacular cinematic treat just in time for Halloween, enjoy the bewitching favourite Hocus Pocus in the comfy 26-seater cinema of Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin 2. A trio of three-century-old witches are inadvertently resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts on - when else? Halloween night, leaving it up to two teenagers, a young girl, and an immortal cat to put an end to the witchcraft and mayhem that ensues. A cult classic starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, Hocus Pocus should get you in the spooky spirit in no time. Enjoy the film, popcorn and a San Pellegrino beverage for €14 or a San Pellegrino cocktail for €18. Or enjoy the film with popcorn and a San Pellegrino fruit drink and indulge in a two-course meal from the table d’hôte menu in Francesca’s Restaurant for €31. National Theatre Live: Frankenstein live in London’s National Theatre, audiences will be thrilled by Academy-Award-winner Danny Boyle’s production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, screened at The Lighthouse Cinema this autumn. With two screenings, cinema-goers have their pick of who they see perform the main roles, with the renowned Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch alternating the parts of Victor Frankenstein and his gruesome creation. Having enjoyed a sold-out run at the National Theatre in 2011, and the broadcast has since become an international sensation, experienced by almost half a million people in cinemas worldwide. Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered Creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horrified maker. Encountering cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature, increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal. With captivating themes of scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil, this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic gothic tale is not to be missed. Screenings 30th October: Benedict Cumberbatch plays the Creature, Jonny Lee Miller plays Frankenstein. 6th November: Jonny Lee Miller plays the Creature, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Frankenstein. Tickets Full price €9 Concession €7.50 IFI Horrorthon Horrorthon returns for its 17th edition, providing audiences with the opportunity to enjoy the best of new international genre productions, as well as a number of judiciously selected classics. Last year we revisied Tobe Hooper’s unfairly neglected Lifeforce, and Hammer’s The Mummy, starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  As always, IFI Horrorthon is a must-attend event for any genre fan. Price: Tickets for individual films starting at €9.00 Booking: Stop Making Sense: 30th Anniversary your boom boxes out and have your biggest white suits at the ready for a very special Talking Heads evening at The Lighthouse Cinema this October. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dublin’s first screening of Talking Heads’ seminal concert film Stop Making Sense, be prepared to dance in the aisles, throw some shapes, and sing along with David Byrne and co, just as the capital’s cinema-goers did in 1984. Practically a Lighthouse Cinema tradition, Stop Making Sense palpably captures the enormous energy and joyous highs of the Talking Heads live performance. Band members David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz and Jerry Harrison are joined by Bernie Worrell, Alex Weir, Steve Scales, Lynn Mabry and Edna Holt in this ground-breaking concert film packed with Talking Heads most memorable songs and renowned stage innovations. Looking for a party, a musical extravaganza and some beautiful cinematography? Well, this must be the place. Tickets Full price €9 Concession €7.50 Fight Club rule of Fight Club? Go watch Fight Club, especially when it’s screened in the intimate surrounds of a 26-seater cinema. When an insomniac office drone (Ed Norton) looking to shake up his drab existence encounters an edgy and unpredictable soap maker (Brad Pitt), they found an underground fight club as a sort of radical psychotherapy - but the club evolves into a whole lot more. Based on Chuck Palahniuk’s cult novel, catch the iconic late 90s flick at Brooks Private Cinema Club, Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin 2, on October 16th. Enjoy the film, popcorn and a San Pellegrino beverage for €14 or a San Pellegrino cocktail for €18. Or enjoy the film with popcorn and a San Pellegrino fruit drink and indulge in a two-course meal from the table d’hôte menu in Francesca’s Restaurant for €31.     Bonnie & Clyde Draíocht Film Club as they watch and dissect the 1967 crime classic Bonnie and Clyde on 15th October. Directed by Arthur Penn, a bored small-town girl (Faye Dunaway) and a small-time bank robber (Warren Beatty) leave in their wake a string of violent robberies and sensational newspaper headlines that catch the imagination of the Depression-struck Midwest in this telling of the legendary crime spree of these real-life criminal lovers. Long considered a landmark in film making, Bonnie and Clyde is said to be one of the first films of the New Hollywood era, with its breaking of cinematic taboos proving popular with the younger generation. Its success prompted other film makers to be more open in presenting sex and violence in their films, while the film's ending also became iconic as "one of the bloodiest death scenes in cinematic history". Enjoy a brief intro by film scholars Ann Downey and Mary Gillan who also chair a free discussion, examining the legendary film, after the screening. Tickets Full price €7 Member €5 Member with concession €3 Fingal Film Festival Venue Movies @ Swords , Pavilions Centre  Swords, Co Dublin The Fingal Film Festival was launched in 2012. It is a new entity that offers a platform encouraging and promoting the works of local film community and National, International emerging filmmakers to showcase their work in an environment where they have access to experienced industry professionals. We provide workshops. training programmes and screen Independent films from new emerging film makers nationally and internationally throughout the four day festival event every year. At least 70% of our festival schedule is dedicated to Foreign films, which broadens the film culture experience to all who attend the screenings in Fingal during the festivals duration. The Fingal Film Festival is a team of people who work effortlessly to deliver a quality service to young emerging filmmakers.   Since we first opened our doors we have given festival contributors access to some of the Industries most prolific names, both nationally and internationally, which has been well received by all who attended. We have eight awards a year for Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best International, Best Student, Best Newcomer Award in Fingal, Best Irish Language, Best Animation. Our Awards Ceremony Night is held every year at the end of the festival. This year we have some very special award prizes with Best Student Award Canon are sponsoring this year, Best Irish Language Film is sponsored by TG4 who will broadcast the winners film plus Equipment Hire Ireland are giving a 3 x day Camera equipment hire  prize worth 3,000.00 euro. Click here for more information IFI Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the best of Irish and international documentary film, the hugely popular IFI Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival showcases a diverse selection of these thought-provoking films this September. The festival has long prided itself on fostering creative collaboration between those in the industry with networking events, panel discussions and Q&As, making a multi-faceted experience for festival-goers of all levels of interest. Having premiered an array of lauded Irish documentaries, including Pyjama Girls, The Liberties, and Bloody Sunday – A Derry Diary, as well as international hits such as Muscle Shoals, The Imposter, and The Yes Men Fix The World; Oscar-winning documentaries such as Born Into Brothels, have all had their Irish premiere at this docu-dream of a festival. A string of guests filmmakers from around the world also participate in the festival program to present and discuss their work. Program We Are Many - 25th September Blood Fruit - 26th September Whitey: United States of America V. James J. Bulger - 26th September Documentary Industry Day (film showcase) - 26th September Documentary Shorts - 27th September Night Will Fall - 27th September Reality Bites: Documentary Shorts - 27th September How to Make a Winning Documentary Short - 27th September Getting Places in Feature Documentary - 27th September Love Is All - 27th September In a House that Ceased to Be - 27th September It Came from Connemara - 27th September Concerning Violence - 28th September Life Itself - 28th September Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case - 28th September Showrunners - 28th September Stanley Kubrick Season’t miss the chance to indulge in a spectacular season of film with a full retrospective of the works of iconic director Stanley Kubrick, at The Lighthouse Cinema. Screening all of the cinematic genius’ feature films, this diverse array of masterpieces are a testament to the power of visual and aural storytelling and merit the biggest of screen outings. Not just a director but an editor, cinematographer, screenwriter, producer and more, few filmmakers have made the indelible impact Kubrick did on the industry. Responsible for an array of films considered the greatest of all time, including Spartacus, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and 2001: A Space Odyssey; Kubrick fans will relish these special screenings, while newcomers will recognise the origins of a style of movie-making debuted by the director still evident throughout cinema to this day. With a catalogue bookended by 1953’s Fear and Desire and 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut, the Kubrick season is a sumptuous serving of cinema’s best. Don’t forget to keep the witching night free for The Shining-themed Halloween party at The Lighthouse too. Tickets €7.50 - €9 Concessions are available for some screenings. Downstairs Dublin: Culture Night/Irish Times picturesque Merrion Square as it comes alive for Culture Night with a series of talks, installations, projections and pop-up events curated by The Irish Times, and all happening in the outside basement spaces of the famous Georgian square. Gaze down to discover a plethora of mini-stages, surprises, live debates, music and much more. Enjoy art, drama, dance, food and ideas from leading artists, writers and thinkers, and a few favourites from The Irish Times itself, as a half-hidden aspect of historic Dublin comes bursting to life. With the square’s basements aglow with brilliant light and colour, diving in is a temptation too hard to resist. Some of the night's basement areas include: No 16 - Red Cross Building Basement: Papier Mache art installation by Nina McGowan. No 22 - College of Anaesthetists Basement: Fashion Show by Emma Fraser of 9 Crow Street with The Tweed Project. No 39 - ESB Building Basement: Papier Mache art installation by Fergal McCarthy No 40 - ESB Building Basement: Kaleidoscope Classical Music installation and concerts, curated by Karen Dervan of Kaleidoscope No 41 - ESB Building Basement: Art installation by Aideen Barry No 42 - ESB Building Basement: Ireland’s Smallest Cinema, popcorn at the ready for tiny screenings of brilliant flicks No 45 - Irish Architectural Archive Basement: The Irish Times Talk Show and Library Lottery – chats with hacks as Irish Times writers hang out in the specially created sitting room. Plus The Librarian hands out free books in the Library Lottery, which one will be yours? No 63 - Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland: Dine in the Dark. In association with Balfe’s, Nicky Halliday and The Science Gallery, do you trust your senses in the dark? Come on down and discover if you really do have great taste. No 64 - Physio 64 Basement: The Gloss Salon. Your chance to (briefly) be a cover girl or boy with Gloss. No 70 - The Arts Council Basement: Peephole Screening art installation by Ailbhe Ni Bhriain. No 73 - Irish Traditional Music Archive Basement: Garden installation by Esther Gerrard and Ed Coveney of Elements of Elements of Action No 77 - Thirty Three Trees Basement: Return after Dark, installation by Thirty Three Trees. And with The Irish Times Treasure Hunt taking place on the square too, there'll be lots of family fun with plenty of prizes. Short & Sweet: Irish Short Films to satiate your appetite for all things cultural and cinematic? IFI’s Culture Night programme offers just the film feast. Enjoy a free screening of family-friendly Irish short films from the vaults of the IFI’s impressive archive. A mix of recent and old shorts, the programme focuses on the theme of difference and diversity and how we all find our place in the world. From Steph Green’s Oscar-nominated short New Boy, a beautifully crafted story of a young emigrant finding his feet in his new Dublin school, or Nora Twomey’s charming animation Cúilín Dualach, the tale of a boy who was born with his head on backwards, anyone can identify with that quest to fit in. The screenings begin at 6.30pm, 7pm and 7.30pm, they're divided into 25-minute slots with a short break between each. This event is free but ticketed.   Drive-In Cinema at Smithfield Square buffs and culture vultures will find Smithfield Square’s cinematic offerings hard to resist on 19th September. Part of Culture Night 2014, a free drive-in movie will be screened in the city-centre square in a one-off screen gem extravaganza. At 8pm watch 1986 masterpiece ‘The Mission’. Starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons and boasting a stunning Ennio Morricone soundtrack, the film charts a Jesuit missionary’s experiences in 18th-century South America. During the interval, images from the Man on Bridge project will be screened. Man on Bridge collects the photos and tells the story of legendary Dublin street photographer Arthur Fields who stood on O’Connell Street & Bridge for fifty years.   The Sophisticated Neanderthal Interview British artist Nathaniel Mellors’ intriguing new film work ‘The Sophisticated Neanderthal Interview’ at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios this September. Revolving around an interview between Truson, a character from an earlier Mellors work and an apparently genuine Neanderthal man, the piece is set in a large cave called E-Den, a metaphorical place representative of the shift from the hunter-gatherer mode of human existence to the more knowledge-based Neolithic way of life. Until recent discoveries, it was widely believed that Neanderthals were incapable of making art, and that the emergence of art marked a shift in consciousness toward the intelligent and creative modern human mind. The Sophisticated Neanderthal character (played by Patrick Kennedy) has been exiled from E-Den by a mysterious organisation called the Sporgo. He claims that the Sporgo control all cave art, and that that his earlier work was accepted because it was ‘more Sporgo-ey’. He smokes coloured Nat Sherman cigarettes, and is confused from drinking too much ‘ant juice’. As the action unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that it’s the Neanderthal who is in control of the situation, as opposed to Truson, his naive interviewer.