BeachesClaremont Beach name Howth comes, from the Norse word, Hoved, which means Head. Claremont Beach is a small cove like beach situated close to the harbour in Howth. As with most other coastal towns in the Fingal area, Howth is a haven for beach goers during the summer monthsBeachesDollymount Strand strand is located within the city limits of Dublin city. It is a very long beach with Bull Island nature reserve in the hinterland. Bull island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and a bird sanctuary and several other designations which afford it long-term protection.BeachesForty Foot Forty Foot is a promontory on the southern tip of Dublin Bay at Sandycove, County Dublin, Ireland, from which people have been swimming in the Irish Sea all year round for some 250 years.BeachesKilliney Beach Beach has probably the best view of any beach in Dublin with Bray Head to the south and the salubrious Sorrento Terrace (where 5 bedroom houses fetch about 7 million Euro) to the north.BeachesPortmarnock Blue & Green Flag Beach is a very popular beach for swimming, sun-bathing and horse-riding. It is five miles long and stretches all the way to Baldoyle and adjoins Malahide beach. It has a lovely view of the Dublin mountains and Howth Harbour.BeachesPortrane Blue Flag Beach is always a popular watering hole for Dubliners. It has some glorious scenic walks sweeping around Rogerstown Estuary.BeachesRush North Beach name Rush is derived from the Irish Ros-√Čo, meaning peninsula or promontory of the yew trees. Rush is a small seaside town. The North Beach is a sandy beach approximately 1 km in lengthBeachesSeapoint Beach beach opens to the north and consists mainly of large rocks and sand. Seapoint is located near Dun Laoghaire in County Dublin.BeachesSkerries North and Skerries South Beach North Strand is a covelike beach 1.2 km in length, adjoining the beautiful harbour area and Red Island Coastal Walkway.BeachesThe Burrow Beach, the narrow strip of land that connects Howth Head to the mainland, was originally divided into two townlands, the Burrow and the Quarry. The town is a popular tourist destination during the summer months. Sutton Beach is a sandy beach approximately 1.2 km's in length.Beaches