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Howth (Dublin: A City of Villages)

Centred around a beautiful harbour, Howth is arguably one of Dublin’s most scenic villages.

Historically a fishing village, Howth is a haven for foodies with fresh seafood and traditional fish and chips in just about every restaurant. Wrights of Howth is a perfect place to sample it, with their award-winning smoked salmon a must.

But it doesn’t end there - Beshoffs provide stellar seafood for all tastes and Beshoff Bros fish and chips has some of the freshest chipper fare around. But for some of the best seafood, Ivan’s Oyster Bar and Grill is where you need to go.

Howth is also the perfect spot for those looking to do something completely different during a city-break. The combination of Howth Head, the Harbour and the Peninsula makes the village a one-stop shop for outdoor adventure activities - who knew you could take a hike, scuba dive and go sailing all within half an hour of the city centre?

So whether you’re looking for a stroll around the harbour with a bag of chips in hand, or a wetsuit-wearing adventure in the Irish Sea, Howth is where you need to be.

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