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An Illustrated Guide To New Year’s Festivities in Dublin

Is there any evening as personal as New Year’s Eve? Whether you’re spending it with your better half, your best friends or getting lost in the masses, NYE and the days before and after it make up the calendar’s most social season. It’s easy to get stressed out figuring out the best option for how to send off the year with a bang, who to spend it with, and how to get the new year off to a flyer.

We’ve hooked up with illustrator Fatti Burke to create a multiple choice quiz to introduce you to and help you navigate Dublin City's packed out programme for starting 2014 in style.

Dublin City New Years Eve, An Illustrated Guide To New Year’s Festivities in Dublin

Over the four day festival (29th Dec- 1st Jan) expect everything from flashing lights and loud music in the centre of the city to pyrotechnics over Dublin Bay. From hanging out with the brightest minds and freshest talents in the cultural hubs and laughing 2013 over the line in much-loved pubs, here is your one-stop guide to getting the perfect NYE festivities planned in your calendar.

For the fully detailed program, get yourself over to http://nye.visitdublin.com