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A Guide to Nerdy Dublin

Whether you’re visiting for the Dublin Web Summit or just looking to indulge in your own nerdy pursuits, Dublin city’s anoraks are a welcoming bunch. Illustrator Steve McCarthy introduces you to eight types of geeks you’ll meet in Dublin, and where you’ll find them.

In a city that’s rapidly becoming a capital of technology, the nerds are taking over. From the high tech hangouts like the Science Gallery and MakeShop, to tips for more traditional enthusiasts this illustrated guide to our city of specialists is the perfect guide for the 21st century trainspotter, the gamers and the makers, the music-lovers and the film die-hards.

A guide to nerdy Dublin

To get your own nerd herd guide around the best of geeky Dublin check out http://ingeniousireland.ie/

If you want to check out some of the places mentioned above, you can find the links to them below.

The Comic Book Geek

The Bird Watcher

The Vinyl Collector

The Film Buff

The Games Guru

Science Freak

The Trainspotter